Together Together Together

Binaural mix by Stephen Vitiello
Please use headphones to listen

It’s so easy at times to take things for granted, such as security, peace, freedom and comfort, but recent global events from Covid to the Ukraine Crisis have alerted us to the instabilities in the world, more so now than ever before.
To be invited to create a work in response to the situation in Ukraine was challenging in itself. Even to consider what value art has to offer in these times, rather than the real efforts of those fighting for their lives, is hugely perplexing. My work is not overtly politically driven or motivated, yet resonates with our times.


Robin Rimbaud – Scanner [UK]
Together Together Together, 2022
8-channel sound work, 7-part series of A1 images
duration 8’35’’
concept, recordings, audio editing Robin Rimbaud
design A1 images Robin Rimbaud
installation set up Peter Szely
production TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien
artistic director Georg Weckwerth

TONSPUR_passage –
Micro Museum for Sound
MQ Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien
daily from 10–20h


An alley for sound

An alley for sound

Listen in German: For almost 20 years, the TONSPUR Kunstverein in Vienna’s Museumsquartier has been presenting multi-channel compositions. “What the White Cube is to visual art,” says curator Georg Weckwerth, “what the urban, public space is to sound art – this cross-border genre at the intersection of visual art, media art and music.”
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TONSPUR_live sets in times of COVID-19

Unusual times require unusual measures.
To support our artists, we are launching this new series:
TONSPUR_live sets in times of COVID-19
The artists play a set via video live stream on the TONSPUR facebook page and answer your questions.


Panorama © Kai-Uwe Rosseburg, TONSPUR Jingle by Szely

TONSPUR for a public space

Tonspur (literally soundtrack) is a classical German term used in talking about visual and acoustic media, it is also the title of a truly unique project situated since 2003 in the Museumsquartier Wien as well as a temporary presence at other international locations.
The white cube is to the visual arts what urban public space is for sound art — that crossover between fine art, media art and music. The TONSPUR_passage in the Museumsquartier Wien (since 2006) or, venue for a while, Schlossplatz in the centre of Berlin (2009–2012), or the passage at the old Town Hall in Maribor in Slovenia (2016–2020) are just such public spaces. These locations are regularly passed as people traverse town, or during their exploratory forays through the metropolises. Artists from all disciplines and from around the world are developing and realising computer-controlled sound works in the TONSPUR series specially for these transitory locations. Their multi-channel compositions take sound well beyond the usual stereophonic experience, creating captivating acoustic architectures and sound spaces.
But TONSPUR offers more: a varied and interdisciplinary engagement with sound as a sculptural and malleable medium in contemporary art is broadened by concerts, sound performances and live streams, lectures and book presentations, workshops and guided tours, the TONSPUR_expanded series of exhibitions, the TONSPUR_library and the TONSPUR_display as well as special projects with art in public space or the TONSPUR_tribute show “Membra Disjecta for John Cage” and, last but not least, international guest appearances with the TONSPUR_collection.
TONSPUR unites artists from various disciplines acoustically while introducing its audience to a broader notion of the reception of art and of art itself. In this sense, TONSPUR für einen öffentlichen raum addresses everybody who encounters the city and art with their eyes and ears open.

Georg Weckwerth
founder, chairman, artistic director
TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien

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