T_D #4: Via Lewandowsky

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Lichtbox, Steuerung, 31 x 8,5 x 4,5 cm
Edition von 42
Fotos ©  Thomas Bruns

The words in the form of a work with neon was completed in 2018. The apparently defective ‘O’ in the word ‘GOOD’ links the words GOOD and GOD with one another in a succinct and entirely unpretentious manner. This deconstructed construct uses an artistic intervention to reflect on common conceptions of a phrase and the statements that are tied to them. The exclamation “good God” is among the most popular forms of addressing God among believers and atheists alike. So the minor ‘defect’ in a neon sign with lettering can draw attention to a major philosophical problem: the issue of theodicy. It is the eternal question of the conflict between the one God who is infinitely perfect, and the suffering in the world. So this question is posed to everybody who sees the sign and reads it.

Ende vom Lied [The End of the Story]

Ende vom Lied [The End of the Story]
Bent acoustic guitar, magnetic spool, controller

A guitar ‘tuned’ significantly too tautly is inspired by the political impact of the instrument for itinerant youths, the singing and protest movement, in the rock ‘n’ roll and hippie contexts, and in general in all soft as well as hard ways of playing the guitar. Adding a curve to the guitar through the application of excessive tension is a reaction to media images of political censorship and the suppression of freedom of expression — as exemplified by the Wolf Biermann case in 1976, when a dissident singer-songwriter was forbidden from returning home to the GDR, which could be regarded as marking the beginning of the end of the East German regime. (Jonathan Quinn)

Don’t Cry

Don’t Cry
ITT SL 500 cassette recorder, motor, 2 diffusers, MP3 player, controller
Edition of 8

The performance of a short clip from a concert by Guns N’ Roses in the cassette compartment of a once popular model of cassette recorder is a contribution on the culture of fandom in Pop Music. The pimped-up taperecorder awakens from its silent existence to play the opening and the close of the song Don’t Cry while a light and fog show is emitted from the cassette compartment. The concert cited from the Use Your Illusion Tour, which was the longest tour in the history of rock, was held in Tokyo in 1992.

TONSPUR_display #4
Via Lewandowsky
Don’t Cry
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