TONSPUR_workshop: Marta Beauchamp – Schritttempo
TONSPUR_workshop: Marta Beauchamp – Schritttempo
A workshop on walking as a method to investigate rhythms To sharpen the participants’ sensitivity to detect rhythms in themselves and in their environment, the workshop focusses on exploring walking as a practice to explore rhythm and respond to rhythm with the body as an instrument. Marta Beauchamp will be conducting the workshop with two…
TONSPUR_workshop with Julian Siffert
TONSPUR_workshop with Julian Siffert
Secret Songs Producer TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien Age 8 to 12 years (max. 8 participants) Day / Time / Duration Sat, 7.5 / 11 am to 4 pm / 5 hours (incl. 45 min break) Location Room D / Q21/MQ What does the world sound like? What sounds and noises surround us every day at home,…

Bundesrealgymnasium Pichlmayrgasse, Wien [Ursula Winter: Handyklingeltöne]

Ernst-Schering-Oberschule, Berlin/Wedding [Andres Bosshard: Voices of Wedding]

TONSPUR_expanded ∞ Der Lautsprecher [Benoît Maubrey: Audio Monkeys]

TONSPUR_tribute: Membra Disjecta for John Cage [Sabine Groschup: Cage and Kids]

TONSPUR_tribute: Membra Disjecta for John Cage [Ray Kass: John Cage’s STEPS, A Composition for a Painting]

Bundesrealgymnasium Geblergasse, Wien [Peter Szely: Klangwelten]

Connecting Sound Etc. Cable Works, Cable Sounds, Cables Everywehre [Ulla Rauter: Klangkunstlabor]

JohnCageSTEPS Halberstadt [Ray Kass: John Cage’s STEPS, A Composition for a Painting]

TONSPUR 76_expanded: Karen Werner’s HAUS, Plus A Group Of Works Circling About Holocaust Postmemory And The Stranger / [Eduard Freudmann: L-Stadt: Dem Vertreiber der Jüdinnen und Juden aus Wien]
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, Klasse TransArts [Georg Weckwerth]