TONSPUR_workshop with Julian Siffert

Secret Songs

TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien

8 to 12 years (max. 8 participants)

Day / Time / Duration
Sat, 7.5 / 11 am to 4 pm / 5 hours (incl. 45 min break)

Room D / Q21/MQ

What does the world sound like? What sounds and noises surround us every day at home, at school, in the park…? What kind of rhythms throb in our ears incessantly and who or what actually sounds there? What do these sounds mean to us?

In “Secret Songs” we go in search of the hidden music of our environment. We listen, imitate, collect all kinds of materials from outside to discover new instruments, improvise, discuss and experiment with microphones and loops. We want to try to understand the environment with music in order to influence it. After all, we are actually part of this everyday orchestra ourselves, aren’t we?