TONSPUR_workshop: Marta Beauchamp – Schritttempo

A workshop on walking as a method to investigate rhythms

To sharpen the participants’ sensitivity to detect rhythms in themselves and in their environment, the workshop focusses on exploring walking as a practice to explore rhythm and respond to rhythm with the body as an instrument.

Marta Beauchamp will be conducting the workshop with two school classes of the Geblergasse MS school on Montag 17.04., 19.04., 03.05., 15.05. 

Marta Beauchamp (born 1990, IT/UK) works as sound artist and musician in Vienna, AT. Her work focusses on translating scientific publications into visual and auditory experiences, bringing theoretical knowledge to an experiential space. She is interested in the difference between understanding based on keeping-in-mind and understanding through experiencing. Sound and objects allow her to inflate dense scientific topics to room-scale installations which offer more space and dimensions for comprehension.
In her ongoing PhD in practice project “Tipping points in translation”, she investigates the limits of entrainment through the practices of sound art and chronobiology.