Maria Blondeel

Freewaystück, 2011 - TONSPUR 45


“Freewaystück” is an experimental audiography of the journey from Ghent in Belgium via Berlin and Prague to Vienna and back: 2656 kilometers, recorded in two long tracking shots on MPEG-4 digital video. Nearly 30 hours of driving in a vehicle equipped with two fixed (left and right) cameras were filmed at speeds between 50 and 150 km/h.
The 8-channel soundtrack for TONSPUR 45 is composed of four parts, from city to city, based on the respective driving time. The initial running time was accelerated by percentage until each part lasts 24 minutes. The colors of the video image serve as material for the digital conversion into sound. RGB data 0 to 255 are translated into sound frequencies, with the volume of each soundtrack determined by the color following the amount of ‘sky’ in the video image.
Maria Blondeel, May 2011

Maria Blondeel, born 1963 in Halle, Belgium, lives and works in Sint Amandsberg, Belgium.

Opening: Sun 03.07.11, 11.30h
Introductory words:
Georg Weckwerth [Artistic Director TONSPUR]
Noël De Buck [Lecturer at the KASK in Gent] – read


  • Maria Blondeel [B]*
  • Freeway piece, 2011
  • 8-channel composition
  • Length 24 min.
  • *supported by Royal Academy
  • of Fine Arts Ghent
  • 04.07.11-22.10.11
  • Castle Square Berlin/Mitte
  • Bench line between
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • and Hochschule für
  • Music Hanns Eisler
  • [near the Humboldt-Box].
  • Daily 08-22h [on the hour]