Manuela Kerer



What could be more beautiful than to begin the New Year with the sound of a new life? Our hearing is a miracle to me, one that starts in the mother’s body. Armed with the idea of a fetal heart detector, a range of recording devices and tummy-headphones I listened in on my sister Barbara’s growing stomach.
We played the child different sounds with the tummy-headphones. Alongside my own compositions these were sounds from the New Year’s Concert regular the “Radetzky March” and its Chinese counterpart “Beijing Post”. What sounded like the reaction to these tracks in Barbara’s tummy also sounded phenomenal to my ears!
8 channels, 8 positions, 8 works, countless ideas and concepts for reworking these, and 8 ideal eavesdropping moments (The heart concerned should have arrived ‘in the world’ by February 2011).
Manuela Kerer, December 2010

Manuela Kerer, born in Brixen, South Tyrol in 1980, lives and works in Brixen and Innsbruck.


  • Manuela Kerer [I]*
  • NewEarsConcert, 2010
  • 8-channel composition
  • Length 16 min.
  • *Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin
  • 02.01.11–26.03.11
  • Schloßplatz Berlin/Mitte
  • Bench line between Berlin Cathedral and Academy of
  • Music Hanns Eisler
  • [nearby the Humboldt-Box]
  • Daily 8am to 10pm
  • Opening: Sa 01.01.11, 5pm
  • Opening words:
  • Georg Weckwerth
  • [artistic director of TONSPUR]
  • Manuela Kerer [composer]