Lee Ranaldo / Leah Singer • FERMATA, 2022 • TONSPUR 91



Fermata is a musical term that is simply defined as a pause or hold. The expression ultimately is a permission for the artist to freely decide how to react to a note, chord or rest in a charted score. This can be further interpreted to broadly mean something is empty or full, silent or sonic, moving or still. The freeze frame of a hand in motion is the equivalent of a pause or a prolonged note in the music. The durational and unrestrictive concept also relates to the TONSPUR_passage guest who can choose to pause, listen and look, or walk on.
Lee Ranaldo/Leah Singer

Lee Ranaldo, born in Glen Cove, New York, United States, lives and works in New York City. Leah Singer, born in Winnipeg, Canada, lives and works in New York City.
80th TONSPUR-Artists-in-Residence at Q21/MQ.

Hidden Track


  • 8-channel sound work, 7-part series of A1 images
  • duration 9’00’’
  • idea & concept Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer
  • electronics, instruments, recordings, audio editing Lee Ranaldo
  • design A1 images Leah Singer
  • installation set up Peter Szely
  • production TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien
  • artistic director Georg Weckwerth
  • special thanks Wolfgang Leitner, Martin Siewert
  • TONSPUR_passage / MQ Wien
  • 29.8.22 – 10.12.22
  • daily 10 – 20 h
  • 9:00 min