Charles Atlas

Dance On The Radio, 2014 • TONSPUR 61


“Dance On The Radio” is a polyphonic collage of soundtrack excerpts from dance videos I began collecting in NY in the mid-1990s.
Starting in 1997 I began to make found-footage montages for a once-a month downtown NY performance club called “Martha @ Mother”. It was hosted by the performance artist Richard Move in his satirical impersonation of Martha Graham, the iconic 20th century modern dance choreographer. My videos presented a hyperactive mix of all kinds of dance styles ranging from the serious and minimal to the entertaining and irreverent – all sprinkled with comments about dance and call-outs to “Martha” characters from Hollywood films.
Selections from these excerpts form the building blocks of this “choreographed” 8-channel sound installation — evoking experimental radio pieces of the 1950’s avant-garde and NY club culture of the 1990’s.

Charles Atlas Photo: Eva Ellersdorfer-Meissnerova

Charles Atlas, born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in 1949, lives and works in New York City, USA


  • Charles Atlas [USA]*
  • Dance On The Radio, 2014
  • 8-channel sound installation,
  • 7-part series of posters
  • Length ~ 20:00 min
  • Sound track, found-footage: Charles Atlas
  • *48th TONSPUR-Artist-in-Residence at quartier21/MQ
  • 31.03.14–03.06.14
  • MuseumsQuartier Wien
  • TONSPUR_passage
  • [between MQ court 7 and 8]
  • Daily 10am to 8pm
  • Opening: Su 30.03.14, 5pm
  • Opening words:
  • Georg Weckwerth
  • [artistic director TONSPUR]
  • Angela Stief [art historian, curator]