Salon skug on wheels

The magazine for music culture skug has been offering reports, reviews and discourse from the aesthetic and political underground for over thirty years, for the purpose of making visible those artists and activists that the mainstream sometimes overlooks. For many years, Salon skug has existed as a monthly event. The salons combine panel discussions on current (cultural) political topics with live acts, and everything together degenerates into parties via DJ line.

Since 2021, the Salon skug has gone mobile. The Salon skug on wheels transports the complete equipment for its music and discussion events on two cargo bikes with specially constructed trailers. Each transport element is also a stage element. In this way, skug succeeds in operating an event without the need for combustion engines and can reach even the remotest corners of the city.

For skug, the year 2022 is all about public space. With the series “Who owns the street?” skug attempts to address the “right to the city,” the historical development of traffic, and the struggle for new forms of mobility from various perspectives. Scientific, essayistic and artistic contributions are intended to draw attention and ideally point the way out of the familiar discourse dead ends. Starting in the summer of 2022, a performance and artistic intervention track will additionally be curated.

The installation “Streamers – a Covid Sculpture” by Benoît Maubrey is the ideal occasion to talk about the changing public sphere of 2022. Salon skug is happy to take up the experiences and observations surrounding this particular work in its panel on May 1, 2022.

However, Salon skug always means sound as well, and this will be provided at the finissage by our DJ line, which will make every single speaker membrane of the “Covid Sculpture” stele sound and swing. skug sounds combine the most exotic and aberrant sound spheres of “Nanu, what may I just hear?” with the unexpected use of the beat, which can lead to audience dancing.