Peter Kutin

Peter Kutin’s musical works seek and find points of contact and synergy in the field of film art, sculpture, light as well as kinetic art. His works are performed internationally at various festivals for music/film & media art and have received several awards.
He has collaborated with numerous artists from various fields, which explains the wide-ranging structures in Kutin’s work, including Christina Kubisch, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Sandra Wollner, Billy Roisz, Manuela Kerer, Katharina Copony, Philipp Gehmacher, God’s Entertainment, Studio Dan, Lukas König, Freya Edmondes, Antoinette Zwirchmayer, and many more.
He is co-founder of the label Ventil-Records, the Real-Deal Festival, as well as the Association for Electroacoustic Music (Velak).

Photo © UMZ


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