The album “Siteworks” documents the sound installations that the Augsburg sound artist Gerald Fiebig realised as solo works from 2009 to 2018. It will be released today, 21 March 2021, as a free download album on the Augsburg label attenuation circuit and in parallel on Fiebig’s own label gebrauchtemusik.

The sound installations are documented on the album partly in excerpts, partly completely. Some of the works were realised for international formats such as the festival Música Viva in Lisbon and the sound gallery TONSPUR_passage in the MuseumsQuartier Vienna, “ELEVEN Minutes” was created as part of an artist-in-residence stay at the kunstort ELEVEN artspace, Starzach-Börstingen, for an exhibition in Tübingen. Several of the installations were exhibited in Augsburg as part of the Lange Kunstnacht (in the Moritzkirche), the Große Schwäbische Kunstausstellung and in the Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus (as part of a joint exhibition with Eri Kassnel and Jakob Krattiger).

The works up to 2013 are among those for which Fiebig was awarded the City of Augsburg’s Art Promotion Prize in the Visual Arts section in 2013. Also included is an excerpt from the permanent installation “Echoraum Cadolzburg”, which Fiebig developed in 2017 on behalf of the Bavarian Palaces and Lakes Administration for the Castle Experience Museum Cadolzburg.

The title “Siteworks” refers to the English term for site-specific artworks. It also picks up on the title of the CD “Gasworks” released in 2019 – similar to that CD, this album also documents a specific area of Fiebig’s work in an overview. The album therefore also contains links to previously released sound installations that Fiebig has realised together with EMERGE, Tine Klink and Alexander Möckl since 2009.

The album is available for download at these addresses:

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