KRISTINA WARREN • Lavender Lauds @ Radiophrenia

Lavender Lauds was selected for presentation in Radiophrenia, a Glasgow-based annual radio festival of experimental music. (The stereo version of) LL will air next Friday 25th August at 17:00h UTC+1. It’s possible to listen online through Radiophrenia’s online player. 

Kristina Warren’s piece Lavender Lauds will be presented at Radiophrenia on Friday 25.08.2023 at 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm UTC+1. 
Radiophrenia is a Glasgow-based annual radio festival of experimental music. The piece was developed during Kristina’s Fulbright-Q21/MuseumsQuartier residency in April 2023 and presented as an 8-channel installation 21.04.–24.05.2023 at TONSPUR_passage. 

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Description of the piece
All sound is rhythm. Audio waveforms are a kind of pulsation, whether regular or irregular. Lavender Lauds takes this rhythmic reality of sound as a starting point, examining cyclicality at various levels and time scales. While in residence at Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier in March-April 2023, I took many photos, videos, and audio field recordings in Vienna and the surrounding area. I then sonified these into several unique software oscillators, through which Lavender Lauds considers how daily human rhythms, along with natural rhythms such as the annual blossoming of flowers, can refract into perceptible and imperceptible time scales in sound.

Kristina Warren [US] is a sound artist who creates performances, installations, and recorded media using a variety of analog, digital, received, and self-designed tools. Called „precise and unpredictable“ (Marc Masters, Bandcamp), work by Warren has been presented at venues including A4 [SK], echoraum [AT], Experimental Sound Studio (US), iii [NL], LTK4 [DE], MENGI [IS], MuseumsQuartier Wien [AT], Musik Akademie Basel [CH], and Rhizome [US]. Recently Visiting Assistant Professor of Multimedia (Brown University, 2017-21), Warren holds a PhD in Composition & Computer Technologies (Uni. Virginia, 2017) and a BA in Music Composition (Duke University, 2011).