TONSPUR for a public space
Sound works at MQ in Vienna
A project by Georg Weckwerth and Peter Szely

Maryanne Amacher [1938–2009]
Alvin Curran [US]*
Hello, How Are You? [For M. A.], 2015
8-channel sound work, 7-part series of images
Duration 24:00 min
Voices: Maryanne Amacher & Clifford, a parrot
Composition & audio montage: Alvin Curran
Technical assistance: Angelo Maria Farro, Luca Spagnoletti
Sound engineer: Robert Pavlecka
Production TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien
for the series TONSPUR für einen öffentlichen raum
Thanks to Elisabeth Schimana
Special thanks to Elisabeth Zimmermann & ORF Kunstradio
*Former TONSPUR-Artist-in-Residence for
TONSPUR 14 “Vindobona Blues”
– A projekt in the context of
“Destination Wien 2015 EXTENDED”

MuseumsQuartier Wien
TONSPUR_passage [between MQ court 7 and 8]
Daily 10am to 8pm
Opening: Su 24 May 2015, 5pm
Opening words:
Georg Weckwerth [artistic director TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien]
Alvin Curran “In Memory of Maryanne Amacher” – read
Helga de la Motte-Haber “Wahrnehmungsgeographien” [courtesy IMA] – read

Maryanne Amacher was one of the most inspiring composers and friends I have ever known… Both she and her brilliant composing and performing deeply touched everyone.
“Hello, How Are You” is based on recordings I made in 1970 with Maryanne at Harmony Ranch—a commune of artists in Connecticut (USA). The Recording was infact a conversation between the house parrot—Clifford and Maryanne—who daily engaged each other in this parrot-human conversation… Other field recordings made together with Maryanne and Serge Tcherepnin, were those of ‘peepers’ tiny tree frogs which sing in fragmented choruses all night in the mid-spring… Centered on these two extraordinary sounding-memories of 45 years ago, I have knitted a structure of sequences of these prinicipal recordings—at times pure and at others, sonically altered—with sounds that recall much of Maryannes own musical research—listening and recording in the Boston Harbor (the Nantucket Lightship's Fog Horn, a recording made by me in the early 1980's) and the eternal Brooklyn Bridge. The sound of electronically processed bagpipes—an instrumental sound dear to both Maryanne and myself, also plays a principal role.
This work is dedicated to the memory of MA and from May 24 will be installed in the TONSPUR_passage located at the MQ Wien. The piece, 24 minutes in duration, is structured in sets of overlapping ambient sounds, placed over an intermittent but constant track of the Maryanne/Clifford-the-Parrot dialogue. The listener then, can at any moment hear a unique but essential part of the work—which even in its short duration will bring one into contact with this personal world of sound that I offer here.
Maryanne was notoriously a night person, and her noctural imagination is reflected in the presence of seven random photos of night skies selected by Georg Weckwerth.

Alvin Curran, born in Providence, Rhode Island, United States in 1938, lives and works in Rome, Italy. Former TONSPUR-Artist-in-Residence at quartier21/MQ for TONSPUR 14 “Vindobona Blues”.
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Alvin Curran & Georg Weckwerth –